The work featured in this exhibition was made from 2013-2017 and brings together two installations, one of small and medium scaled paintings. I have been working on these two sizes as a way of exploring both intimate and a more public scale as they interrelate and inform my painting.  I am interested in this as an exploration of an extended field of vision. It leads to openness, a mobile feast rather than a fixed format. It is an invitation to the viewer to enter a contemplative visual terrain one where the viewer can see the thinking in painting.  I like the idea of a moving focus, a space for traversing a lateral scroll of elements.  The variables in painting have always interested me and are a natural source for learning about the rightness of touch and preference of facture.  Making paintings is a way of learning and doing.  The purpose of making these works is to achieve an expansion of feeling through the physical range of touch and colour in composition.

Jeff Dellow 2017